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Prisoner's Release & Other Stories

By Kyell Gold


The Prisoner's Release brings together the two-part short story which originally appeared in Heat #1 and Heat #2 — "The Prisoner's Release" — with three entirely new tales set in the world of Argaea.


  • "Inside the Cage" takes place at the Jackal's Staff where a young cougar seeks to escape his life of prostitution. Illustrated by Vince Suzukawa.
  • "The Prisoner's Release" previously appeared in Heat #1 and Heat #2 and tells the story of how Volle met Streak. The illustrations done by Taurin Fox for Heat are reprinted here.
  • "Home Again" picks up just after "The Prisoner's Release" when Volle and Streak have returned Ferrenis and fills in some details leading up to their ill-fated return to Tephos in "Pendant of Fortune." Adam Wan provides a single stunning illustration for this short story.
  • Finally, we return to the Jackal's Staff in "For Love or Family", this time through the eyes of a patron trying to balance the way he feels against the duties of his station. Arthur Husky provides the illustrations.



  • Number of Pages: 284
  • ISBN: 0-9769212-7-8
  • Released: January 2007

Prisoner's Release & Other Stories

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  • Content Warning

    Explicit Sexual Descriptions & Illustrations

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