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Fur-Piled: Volume Three

Fur-Piled, Volume 3, "World Spins Madly On" brings the final confrontation between Saetto and Car over Arthur Husky. Blood is spilled and harsh words are spoken, but Chris' refrigerator is spared this time, and eventually an understanding is reached and harmony returns to Husky's life. At least for now.


In this volume, Husky's friends also confront demons of who they are, where they've been and where they may be going in life. Andy's demons lurk in his closet amongst his tight-fitting shirts and short-shorts. Chris faces tough questions from an old flame that leave him singed. And Ian's girly-girl side clashes with the preconceptions of fellow dykes.


Many thanks to guest-artist, Aaron Hansen, who created the cover for this volume!


The Fur-Piled comic series by Leo Magna has a sense of reality that is refreshing in the genre of gay slice-of-life romance comics. The story effortlessly navigates the lives of the characters (even if their lives are not so easy to navigate), resisting the temptation to turn them into larger-than-life archetypes. In the end, Husky and all his friends are just real people in real situations.


This volume collects chapters fourteen through nineteen: How to Save a Life; War on Sound; Your Woman; Loser; Love, Love Love; and World Spins Madly On. War on Sound includes four new pages not seen in the online version of this comic.


This volume of Fur-Piled brings the number of pages in print up to 291 (and then some!). Leo Magna continues to add to his comic online, so if you can't wait to read more about Husky and his friends, be sure to stop by his website, There you can see the latest pages, read more about the comic, and discuss any and all topics with his fans on his forum, brought to you by the selfless efforts of Radmoose!



  • Number of Pages: 110
  • ISBN: 978-0-9819883-0-6
  • Released: July 2009

Fur-Piled: Volume Three

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