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Black Iron

Born the son of a Bisclavret border lord of dwindling influence and an unfashionable devotion to the old religion, Ian MacAllastair knows a lot about dreams. Ever since converting to the Church of S'allumer he has felt the call to struggle against the common practice of slavery all around him; especially as enjoyed by the wealthy and powerful slave trader Lord Douglass Rancourt. That he happens to also be standing between Ian and any chance of wedding his daughter Venora is just another part of the overall dream of changing his world for the better.


Now Ian finds himself in the Rinaldi capital city of Triskellion seeking outside help to foil Lord Rancourt's slave trading business at risk of forfeiting what little honor his family name retains. But the path to the realization of his desire takes unexpected turns, and he finds that the world may not be what requires changing.


And chains come in many forms...


In his second novel set in the Ironclaw Anthropomorphic Fantasy Roleplaying System* universe, author Ted MacKinnon draws the reader into a world rich in good intentions and terrible consequences. It is a story of a blind boar's vision, of a brash young otter's mistakes, of his sister's forgiveness, and a mysterious stag's honor. Through it all Ian comes to understand a lot more than he bargained for and finds that love, like salvation, often manifests itself in the most unexpected of ways.


Cover and interior illustrations by Christopher Goodwin.


* Copyright Sanguine Productions, Ltd.



  • Binding: Softcover
  • Number of Pages: 204
  • ISBN: 0-9769212-1-9
  • Released: July 2005

Black Iron

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