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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Service

Sofawolf Press Inc provides this service to you for the purposes of viewing and purchasing items which we have published, produced, or purchased for resale. 


All product images and excerpts are Copyright © to the creators of the original work and are used here under license to Sofawolf Press Inc. This site and design elements are Copyright © to Sofawolf Press Inc. Any use of these images, excerpts or design elements beyond the usual processes of viewing, caching and linking inherent to routine web access is prohibited.

The products sold here may contain material which is inappropriate for individuals of certain ages, religious beliefs, or who are sensitive to certain topics or situations. While we do our best to reveal such material in the product discussions, it is ultimately the responsibility of the purchaser to decide whether a product is appropriate for the end user. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about a product before you decide to purchase it, and purchased items can always be returned for a full refund as specified in the Returns section.

User Accounts

User accounts are not required to make a purchase from our website. Please provide a valid email address when placing an order so that we can contact you with any issues, and to send you purchase and shipping confirmations.

User accounts can be created at any time from the Login menu. Creating an account allows you to save address information, view previous orders, and accrue and spend loyalty points for order discounts and other purposes. Any orders previously completed (in the current version of our website) with the email address associated with the new account will be available in the newly created account.

You can request a password reset at any time by clicking the Forgot Password link on the login page and providing the email address of your account.



We will use your provided email address only for the purposes of sending you order updates and shipping confirmation. We will use your provided billing and shipping addresses only for the purposes of shipping your orders to you (or your designee) and for authenticating your credit card information. We do not mail physical invoices and we do not include prices on the packing lists included with your order.

Separate from creating an account from us, you can indicate your desire to receive marketing communications from us. Upon doing so you will receive an "opt-in" email message which you must confirm before you will be signed up for these communications. You can "opt-out" at any time after signing up by updating your account settings.

We reserve the right to send an email to anyone who has purchased from this website for the express purpose of notifying customers about any security-related issues that may arise.

We ship in plain unmarked cardboard boxes or shipping envelopes. The return address on our shipping labels displays only "SWP, Inc"


The security of your information is a top priority. Our payment processing system does not store credit card information in your account and transmits all information via secure, encrypted channels directly to the processor. Admin accounts are limited to individuals directly involved in order processing and customer service operations. We employ no third-party developers or services beyond those approved and supported by the hosting service.

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