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Submitting to Sofawolf

We have moved our submission submission process to Submittable.com. This is an online submission management system that we hope will help us unify and streamline the reviewing process. We also hope that it will make it easier for us to assign teams of reviewers to assist in the reading and evaluation of our various slushpiles.

All the following submission categories have been moved into Submittable. Please refer to the instructions on each page for guidelines and details. Note: the links below may not be kept up to date with the submission status for each category. If the link takes you to the general Sofawolf Press Submittable page, that category is currently not open for submissions.

The Heat Art Specifications page remains on this site for reference. Illustrations for Heat remain at the invitation of the Heat editors.

Don't see the information you're looking for? Send an email with your questions to talent@sofawolf.com.

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