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This 450 page anthology of furry fiction features twenty-six of the best stories from long-running literary magazines such as Anthrolations, PawPrints Fanzine, The Ever-Changing Palace, Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe, and Yarf! Included are stories by Lawrence Watt-Evans, Watts Martin, Michael H. Payne, Gene Breshears, Brock Hoagland, Mel. White, Phil Geusz, and many others. The collection also features informative introductions and bibliographies detailing the origins and history of the sub-genre.


It was awarded Best Other Literary Work and Best Published Illustration for Ursula Vernon's cover illustration by the 2004 Ursa Major Awards, so if you are curious about the sub-genre of anthropomorphic fiction, this is definitely the story collection to own.



  • Binding: Softcover
  • Pages: 456
  • ISBN 0-9712670-1-4
  • Released: June 2003

Best in Show

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