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New Fables: Summer 2008

Edited by Tim Susman


Escape the modern world with a selection of wild literature! New Fables brings the tradition of literary journals to Sofawolf Press. These fabulist stories, poems, and essays use animal characters to explore human experiences of love, class society, memory, and many others.


Join us for stories of transformation and redemption, poems of myth and wonder, and even an interview with a giraffe. Ryan Campbell, Kevin Frane, Phil Geusz, and Tim Susman return for issue 2, with newcomers Christina Bass, Renee Carter Hall, Watts Martin, and Earl Pomerantz rounding out a terrific lineup of authors.


In this issue:

  • "Etiquette", a poem by Ryan Campbell
  • "The Wishing Tree", a story by Renee Carter Hall
  • "Fox and Fruit", a poem by Lady Peregrine
  • "Reattachment", a story by Kevin Frane
  • "How Coyote Learned His Lesson", a poem by Gregory Hayes
  • "Rose-Colored Glasses", a story by Phil Geusz
  • "Find the Beautiful", a story by Tim Susman
  • "Interview with a Giraffe", by Earl Pomerantz
  • "China Syndrome", a story by Phil Geusz
  • "Comanche", a poem by Renee Carter Hall
  • "The Narrow Road in Morning Light", a story by Watts Martin

Savannah Horrocks has created a striking front cover, Chad Krueger's art graces the back cover, and Blotch, Chris Goodwin, Amber "Vantid" Hill, and Louvelex supply interior illustrations.



  • Number of Pages: 92
  • ISBN: 978-0-9791496-8-9
  • Released: June 2008

New Fables: Summer 2008

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