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Heat #12

Produced by Teagan Gavet, Dark End


Heat, Volume #12 returns with another exciting and varied array of stories, comics and poetry! For this volume, Dark End and Teagan Gavet took on an even greater role in shepherding the creative talents through the editorial and design process. Alopex and Jeff Eddy remained on hand for editing and general busywork, but credit for making sure this volume got finished in time for our usual summer release lies primarily with the younger crowd.


  • Owen is a quick-witted guy, used to handling a variety of odd jobs — especially jobs where sex is involved — but even he may not be prepared when catering a school reunion leads him to Bears, Repeating (by Tony Greyfox, illustrated by Donryu).
  • Kyell and Kamui bring us a fireside retelling of some saucy Creation Myths, where the same story is retold from different perspectives, depending on what the teller desires.
  • In A Private Escape (by Kandrel, illustrated by Scappo), a writer of gritty crime novels has a problem. His long-running, long-suffering hero, Dirk Silver, has been talking back to him and pushing back against the plot, and now Dirk is prepared to do anything to get himself a happy ending at last.
  • Meena Mae (a poem by Huskyteer, illustrated by Jess Beckly) is a new kind of special operative: feline, seductive, and more than her handlers realize.
  • It's Friday night, and that means game night! So break out the pizza and lucky dice, because the adventurers are facing off with a succubus and need all the good rolls they can manage. Oh, The Games We Play (by Dark End, illustrated by Leucrotta).
  • In TLC (by Rechan, illustrated by CannedTalent), a serious illness adds a sense of urgency to Margaret and Henry's marriage, but also encourages them to explore new passions.
  • Want to have some role-playing fun with that special someone, but can't decide on what role to take? Sounds like it's time for Pizza Repair (a comic by 333456).
  • Cosmoknots (a poem by Tempe O'Kun, illustrated by Pegibruno): dogs in space — what more does life require?
  • In Glory of the Gods (by NightEyes DaySpring, illustrated by Simul), Askan's chastity and scholarship have not earned him his desired place among the cultists of Diana, and may have cost him his closest friend to a very lethal ceremony in honor of Bacchus.
  • Rukis brings us a comic from the world of The Red Lantern, showing us the first meeting of Off the Beaten Path's Ransom and Puck, during the depths of a Whiteout.
  • In Unfading (by Slip-Wolf, illustrated by CadmiumTea), everyone knows that life is full of transitions, but Amar's transition is tougher than most: predator to prey. The greatest challenge, though, may be holding together the family who loves her more for who she was than who her heart knows she must become.


"Advertising" in this issue is provided by Hibernation Honey premium beer (by Kuma) and Femme Petale, the erotic tea shop (by AmonOmega).


The wrap-around cover features art from Black Teagan, inspired by Kandrel's story A Private Escape.



  • Number of Pages: 118
  • ISBN: 978-1-936689-45-3
  • Released: July 2015

Heat #12

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  • Content Warning

    Contains written and visual depictions of sexual activity

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