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Anthrolations #6

Debuting in January 2000, Anthrolations: The Magazine of Anthropomorphic Dramatic Fiction showcases character based stories employing anthropomorphic animals in a variety of themes and sub-genres. It has enjoyed fan and critical acclaim, including several Best Fanzine nominations and multiple individual story and art Ursa Major Awards.


  • Dog Days by Renee Carter Hall, Illustrations by Claire Hummel


  • Le Roux's Love Center by Phil Geusz, Illustrations by Jennie Hoffer


  • The Three Little Wolves by Elan Ruskin, Illustrations by Amy Fennell


  • Two Sick Days by Andrija Popovic, Illustrations by Jonathan Roth


  • The End of the Labyrinth by Michael R. Gist, Illustrations by Cara Mitten


  • Morning After by Arthur Lee, Illustrations by Jen Seng

Anthrolations #6

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