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Available Now: Fanko, Fables of the Last Earth by Ángel Berner and Cristóbal Jofré.


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Sofawolf Press is an independent publisher dedicated to storytelling that focuses on anthropomorphic animals of all sorts. We create and sell novels, anthologies and story collections, graphic novels and other similar works.

New Website Coming

Our current site has a number of limitations. It is not mobile-friendly, it has two different account systems, and the commerce and checkout functions are a bit dated. We are working on a new website, version 3.0, which we hope to launch sometime in the not too distant future.

Rio thinks Wizard looks silly, letting humans pile books on him while he sleeps.

Latest News

Kyell Gold's Waterways 10th Anniversary Edition Hardcover Signing & Pre-Orders

11/15/2017 9:36 pm

We are excited to announce the release of the long-anticipated Waterways 10th Anniversary Edition hardcover. This edition includes all the art and stories from the original softcover edition, newly revised by the author, PLUS two new short stories and illustrations by John Nunnemacher. It is available in hardcover ($39.95) only. So what do you need to know?...