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(5 out of 5 stars) by Summitwulf

The first book of the Nordguard trilogy (by Tess Garman and Teagan Gavet) is a rare treat - a compelling story brought wonderfully to life by some intriguing characters and frankly stunning artwork. This is not - in any sense - a run-of-the-mill graphic novel.

The story, set in 1903, revolves around a discovery at Tartok Mine, deep within the Northern Territory, that has attracted unwelcome military attention and soon brings conflict and death. A call for help reaches the town of Frontier, and a crack Nordguard team is sent on a rescue mission with almost no information as to the nature of the 'disaster', and made no happier by having a pugnacious and arrogant military officer along for the ride. Their journey towards Tartok is difficult as they traverse a challenging wilderness, facing conflict within their team and attack from without.

The story is well-paced and doesn't let up; the opening pages are gripping even before we get to Frontier and our first encounter with the Nordguard team. The unusually-named lead dog, Pi, assembles her team and then we are off into the wilds...

Graphically, Nordguard is a masterwork. Page after page of meticulous, detailed watercolour work brings the characters, locations and the sweeping landscapes to luminous life. The quality, care and detail compares well to the work of Juanjo Guarnido ('Blacksad'), which is a strong recommendation indeed to anyone familiar with his work.

Nordguard: Across Thin Ice is a masterful piece of work and worthy of anyone's collection. The remainder of the series cannot follow soon enough. Highly recommended. Smile

27 July, 2011

(5 out of 5 stars) by Duro Husky

It doesn't get better than this! The first chapter of Nordguard sets you up for an exciting story. You open the book and are immediately immersed in action and mystery. The entire cast of the Nordguard team are well developed, and you feel from reading this that Pi's team is not the only story going on in this world. As a lover of comics I found the art in these pages to be top notch, and the pacing to be exceptional. The mark of any great comic is the ability of the reader to become lost in the story, when the art jumps from still drawings to scenes playing in your head. Reading this I was able to become lost in the pages, and for a while forgot I was really in a hotel room. I could hear the thin ice cracking beneath their paws.

Tess and Teagan have always been known for their exceptional work, but in the pages of Nordguard they break all expectations. Teagan's story is alluring, the characters words flow naturally. The expressions of the characters jump from the page, and their body language is filled with life. And no matter how many times I see Tess' paintings I am always blown away. She is a master watercolorist, and you get her finest work yet in these pages! Her landscapes are breathtaking, her lighting really gives the sense of time and mood.

I have nothing but love for Nordguard, and as a fan of Blacksad, Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Batman: The Dark Knight, and Bone, you know this has got to be good!

I really loved the inclusion of the map in the hardcover. It is a lovely detail. This comic must have been a labor of love.

1 July, 2011

(5 out of 5 stars) by Bluebengal

I have to say this was a fantastic read!  The visuals were beautiful and stunning, the characters vibrant and memorable. I'd say definitely on par with with a graphic novel such as Blacksad.  It starts on with an intense and immersive beginning pulling you into the world of the Nordguard, putting you right on the ice with Pi and her team as the trek across the frozen lands without having to freeze your tail off, unless of course you're reading it some place cold, then you could say your'e getting the full effect.  Right away I found myself in suspense wondering the outcome of Pi's team. I already can't wait till book two though I'm sure it will be a good while before it's release but for sure this was DEFINITELY worth the wait.  I feel very privileged to own a copy and it's a great addition to anyone wanting to build up their library of Anthro fiction and graphic novels.

11 July, 2011
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