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February 2018
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(5 out of 5 stars) by Courtney Kays

I've been a fan of Vince's work since "The Class Menagerie", which is still available to read on Keenspace. While I.S.O has Vince's trademark style, humor and storytelling, he's come a long way from from his previous work on CM. It's more mature in story as well as content (in a tasteful PG-13 manner) and it's definitely not your typical gay-furry themed comic. Instead of merely celebrating the gay lifestyle, it's about finding acceptance in a sometimes very un accepting world. The story focuses on a hopelessly repressed and closeted young tiger entering the world of college life. Having built up a brick wall of testosterone since age 13, Cody has not only alluded everyone that he's gay, but also a nice guy in general. The comic has a great cast of characters that test Cody limits with hilarious consequences. All of them, whether he likes it or not, help him in slowly breaking down the wall he's built around himself for so long and to learn to enjoy life without worrying about what everybody else thinks.

I hardly think my review does this graphic novel justice. I'm still amazed by this comic even as a I continue to read it over and over again. The art style is fantastic and the intricate comic panels help to really engage the reader and is oh so pleasing to the eye. It's beautiful in print, which is one of the many reasons to buy this book for yourself. It's been an awesome ride seeing Cody's character mature throughout the comic. I've been reading it since the beginning and finally seeing it in print makes me all the too anxious to see what will come next in the final issue.

15 March, 2010

(5 out of 5 stars) by Gabriela Fullerton

I been following the individual comics since very near the beginning. Despite already owning the comics, I was very happy when it was announced that collected volumes were being released. It is a treat to be able to read it in one go. The artist has taken care of not only making a very enjoyable, well thought out story but the artwork is top notch with a lot of eye candy for everybody. There is also a generous size extra story that may need you to be familiar with the artist's previous works to fully understand but maybe not.

I will admit that I'm always weary when buying glue bound books because I just have back luck with them coming apart easily. Sofawolf Press, however, makes a quality product and I had no problems so far with this book.

10 March, 2010
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