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(5 out of 5 stars) by Adam Kern

I've enjoyed the webcomic and now I'm really glad that it has made it to the printed pages. Only a few things have changed from the net version to this one. The story still has it's comic funniness, yet still is able to keeps it's seriousness of day to day life that any person, gay or straight, can relate too.

Over all this is a wonderful story and comic that I think everyone should at least pick up once and read it.
17 July, 2006

(5 out of 5 stars) by Patrick Heaslet

Leo Magna is definitely a truthful artist when it comes to Fur-Piled. This comic is refreshing to read and offers us a light-hearted, down to Earth, and playful look into the lives of anthro characters living in sunny Santa Monica, California.

With lively, colorful expressions, which indeed is Magna's trademark, we're led from the humorously daring maneuvers of Husky's search to find the love of his life, to a story that many of us can relate to with Andy coming out gay during his teens and almost jumping from a bridge, to a story with an 80's-themed lesbian club as the backdrop, and the events and excitement in between!

And for those who keep up with the web-comic, you'll be excited to know that with this first 100-page release comes a foreword by Magna himself, along with a seven page illustrated introduction of Husky and his crush for the hunk of his dreams, and a neat "mirrored-image/alter ego" sketch in the back! Add the full-color cover art, and Fur-Piled instantly becomes a must-have for those fond of fur.
1 July, 2007

(5 out of 5 stars) by vance hayes

i loved fur-piled it was a nice gay furry love story
now just need to see volume two of fur-piled

5 March, 2007

(5 out of 5 stars) by Zak Wagner

Very nice book. Much nicer than I initially thought it would be. A must for any anthro lover's library. Looking forward to more volumes. A+++

7 May, 2007
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