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(5 out of 5 stars) by The Onion A.V Club

Writer-artist Ursula Vernon posts a new free one-page installment of her endearingly quirky black-and-white web-comic Digger every Tuesday and Thursday at graphicsmash.com. But the extensive story to date is only available to website subscribers, or via Digger: Volume 1 (Sofawolf Press). The backstory is both rewarding and highly necessary; Vernon's tangled tale of an engineer wombat who stumbles into a world full of tribal warrior hyenas and oracular slugs sounds like grist for a children's picture book, but it rapidly takes on an adult gravity and complexity that doesn't in any way hinder its charming, wry, thoroughly unique humor.

--Appeared in "The Onion" A.V. Club Reviews 7/27/05
27 July, 2005

(5 out of 5 stars) by msouth

This series is as good as Bone.  And believe me, I don't make that comparison lightly.  Bone is really one of the best examples of the graphic novel format, ever.  And when I got to the end of this, I realized, wow, that was as satisfying as reading Bone.  I would say there are some things that Bone does that are better than this, and things that this does that are better than Bone.  But I would absolutely put it in the same category in terms of quality.

Beautifully drawn, great philosophical questions thrown around, characters you completely fall in love with, a plot that starts out kind of random and quirky and then builds up to the point where you can't wait to know the end of it.

A thoroughly enjoyable piece of work you'll want to read again and again.

17 February, 2012

(5 out of 5 stars) by Indeed Podcast

After the first 20 pages of Digger, I seem to have ended up losing a few weeks as I found myself quickly pulled into one wonderful and well set graphic novels. The series of six books by Ursula Vernon, tells the tale of a wombat by the name of Digger and the misfortune she finds herself in. The story is told in Black and White which we have seen in other great graphic novels including Bone. Digger quickly finds friends to aid her in the quest that lays ahead filled with danger, trials and a strange prophecy. The pacing, detail and story are presented to you in a creative pace that will not allow you to put down the book until you finish them all.

Ursula Vernon has shown us that when a simple character is presented an extraordinary objective, you will find yourself only wanting more.  The tale you share in the journey is priceless.  



Indeed Podcast


[Indeed Podcast released an interview with Ursula Vernon in August 2012. -the editors]

15 August, 2012
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