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Peachy Keen: Tempted (Book 1)

By Mandi Tremblay


It is 1955 and best friends Clover and Logainne are looking forward to graduating from Lincoln High School and getting on with their lives. However when Clover fumbles for an excuse to avoid going to the senior prom with someone, she blurts out Logainne's name as her intended date. Now the whole school thinks there is more to their friendship than meets the eye, putting both their reputations and Logainne's honors student status at risk. As they scramble to contain the damage, at least one of them begins to wonder where her heart truly lies.


Peachy Keen: Tempted is book #1 in a a retro-styled graphic novel series by Mandi Tremblay, who describes herself as "a freelance artist. She lives in Northern California with her boyfriend and turtle, Bruce Wayne. She often falls asleep with pens in her hair."



  • Number of Pages: 134
  • ISBN: 978-1-936689-15-6
  • Released: January 2012

Peachy Keen: Tempted (Book 1)

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