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Isolation Play

By Kyell Gold


Devlin Miski thought coming out on national TV would be the hardest part about being a gay football player. But it's when his press conference is over that the trouble really starts. The athletic tiger and his boyfriend Lee, a fox with a tongue as quick as his wit, still won't get many breaks in their fight for understanding. They'll need to deal with a stubborn reporter determined to get a story any way he can, furious parents, and hostile teammates—not to mention each other.


All's fair in love and war—and this is both.


Isolation Play is the eagerly awaited sequel to the best-selling novel Out of Position and picks up Dev and Lee's story about five minutes after the end of the first book. Well over a year and a half in the making, Isolation Play is the longest work Kyell Gold has released.


Cover and interior illustrations are by Blotch.



  • Number of Pages: 420
  • ISBN: 978-1-936689-00-2
  • Released: January 2011

Isolation Play

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  • Content Warning

    Explicit Sexual Descriptions & Illustrations

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