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HistoriMorphs #1

What if you were a vixen healer in the French Revolution, an elk in the service of Peter The Great, a gaur farmer witnessing Ghandi lead the Salt March To Dandi, or a polar bear navigator surveying the North Pole with Admiral Byrd in the 1930s? What if you could tell your story? HistoriMorphs is a collection of short stories examining actual human historical events through the eyes of anthropomorphic characters, as if they had existed as part of the scene at that time.


  • Fox's Tutelage by Will A. Sanborn. Illustrations by Roy D. Pounds II.
  • Respect the Sea by Jeff Eddy. Illustrations by Jennie Hoffer.
  • A Patriot's Tail written and illustrated by Tom Nugent.
  • Conduct Unbecoming written and illustrated by Tim Susman.
  • First Flight by Lanny Fields. Illustrations by John Nunnemacher.
  • Father by Lanny Fields. Illustrations by Derrick Dasenbrock.
  • The Secret of Wollknäul by Samuel C. Conway. Illustrations by Jason Sander.


With a full color cover by Steve Gallacci.



  • Pages: 64
  • Released: July 2001

HistoriMorphs #1

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