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Heat #8

Edited by Alopex


Heat, Volume #8, continues our tradition of all-orientations stories of love in its various forms, as told through prose, poetry and comic forms. In this volume we have equal helpings of humor and drama, from contributors who are both new and familiar to Heat.


  • A Hard Semester, a story by Miqmah, illustrated by Rarakie, is an entertaining tale of a young cat learning to live with his very uninhibited new roommate.
  • Short Film, a comic with story by Tempe O'Kun and illustrated by Keovi, is a cute pantomime that explores what might happen if two corgis and a video camera were in the same room together.
  • Bus Stop, a story by Opaline S. Fox, illustrated by ShinigamiGirl, is a tale about a woman finding love after a rather messy divorce, and coming to terms with the fact that the person she now loves is a woman.
  • A Storm To Remember, a poem by Cody Denton, illustrated by Leucrotta, depicts a stormy and passionate encounter, possibly inspired by the phrase "raining cats and dogs".
  • Jill's 49th, a story by foozzzball, illustrated by Tsaiwolf, returns us to the world first introduced to Heat with "Dick and Jane" back in Heat #6; in this episode, a thylacine and a gray fox discover that the sex is great, but finding a relationship that works for both is a challenge.
  • At Spearpoint is a comic by Black Teagan in which forbidden love endures, despite the risks to life and limb.
  • Stagnated, a story by K.M. Hirosaki, illustrated by Arthur Husky, explores the temptations that arise when relationships start to lose their spark...and when you hang out at gay bars with plenty of cute boys on the dance floor.
  • One Is Silver is a comic by Keto and Kashra in which surviving the Great War means pilots and their mechanics must find new ways to entertain themselves.
  • The Wallet Story by Kyell Gold, illustrated by AmonOmega, is a tale about a tale, in which Charm (a character from the Out of Position series) regales his teammates with his previous evening's exploits while trying to recall just where he might have left his wallet.
  • Mutts: A Warning, a poem by Spretz and illustrated by Fluke, is a tongue-in-cheek paean to the joys of having a mutt in your life.


As usual, we have a couple advertising divertissements, this time for Thai massage services by Tani da Real and "Heat" brand condoms from Bimbinbop.


Cover by Kamui, with haikus by Whyte Yoté.



  • Number of Pages: 106
  • ISBN: 978-1-936689-09-5
  • Released: June 2011

Heat #8

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  • Content Warning

    Contains written and visual depictions of sexual activity

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