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Heat #5

Heat, Volume #5 brings old and new talents to our pages once again. Kyell Gold, our most regular of regulars, tells us a tale about a most irregular romantic encounter. Renee Carter Hall, who appeared in our very first issue of Heat with a story about prophylactic protest, returns in this issue with a story of sexual discovery in a polygamous clan of lions. Newcomers to our magazine include Moonstalker, with a comic about two characters who are comfortable enough in their relationship to not shy away from a little silly banter during sex, and K.M. Hirosaki, with a tale about discovering love in a setting that will feel rather familiar to many of our readers.


  • Two Rivers by Renee Carter Hall follows a young lioness, Elana of the Two-River clan, as she discovers sex and love in a society where polygamy is common and love takes many forms. Rich illustrations of both lust and daily life on the grasslands accompany the story, created by Heather Bruton.
  • Wet Dog is Sheela Ardrian's poetic depiction of a young woman's efforts to repay the entire fire department after they save her apartment from burning down, and TaniDaReal's artistic interpretation of the scene captures the mood perfectly!
  • Love's Dance is Moonstalker's first foray into the comic arts. In his panels, a husky and fox couple slip away from the rest of the world to enjoy the pleasures of a romance that has had time to develop into a deeper commitment — but without losing its sense of humor.
  • Just Another Saturday continues on the theme of well-tempered romance enriched by experience and mutual understanding. The story by Rechan, tenderly illustrated by Autumn Sunrise, shows how even a prostitute can find her life partner.
  • First Time for Everything is a comic by Blotch that tells the tale of what transpired between Diego and Bayshore before that smash-hit web-comic Dog's Days of Summer appeared in the summer of 2007.
  • Beastiality, our second poem in this issue by Sheela Ardrian, turns a traditional fairy tale on its head with an amusing twist that will be sure to please fans of transformation. It is illustrated by SOLIDASP, who frames the story in a clever art nouveau setting.
  • Third Date returns us to a world previously visited by Kyell Gold, but this time introducing us to new characters. What's a safe pick-up line for a wolf who can curl over five hundred pounds? You'll have to read this story to find out! Richard Foley was a natural choice for illustrating this story, what with the beefy canines and bulging muscles and all.
  • Property, a comic by Arthur Husky, explores the dark nature of sex when love and romance are starkly absent from the picture.
  • Candy and Music, on the other hand, brings lust and fun back to our magazine, along with a sense of rhythm, just in time to finish off the volume. Two souls, each with his own unique style, find common ground on the dance floor of a science fiction convention...and later in the privacy of a hotel room. Black Teagan's illustrations spin K.M. Hirosaki's characters around the dance floor and on into the glow-stick-illuminated night.


New to this volume is a turn towards crass commercialism. Yes, advertising now appears in Heat; but when the creative minds of Blotch, Adam Wan and Keovi are behind it all, you know that there's going to be more to it than just making a buck. Also new is the refrigerator to which our naughty doggie magnetic poetry sticks. The offices of Sofawolf Press have moved, and in the process our old refrigerator was left behind. We do miss it so! But the new one is sleek and black and gives our verse a slick new look.


Cover by oCeLoT.
Back Cover by CandyJack/Bonez.



  • Number of Pages: 82
  • Released: June 2008

Heat #5

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  • Content Warning

    Contains written and visual depictions of sexual activity

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