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Heat #10

Edited by Alopex


Heat, Volume #10 brings in two new talented people to help make this anthology a reality. Teagan Gavet, of Blotch fame, stepped into the roles of Artistic Director and Layout Designer, managing all the illustrators and comic artists, as well as putting everything into the layout with her own stylistic touches. Dark End, who helped copy edit Hot Dish, joined Jeff Eddy in story editing, and he also provided copy editing along with Fred Patten. We hope that making Heat a more collaborative process will help keep its diversity strong and quality of content high, while distributing the work load so that everyone involved has more time to work on a variety of other projects.


  • In Flight Path by Huskyteer, illustrated by Anyare, a condom malfunction sends a cat and her Scottish Wildcat boyfriend on a late-night search for emergency contraceptives. And, as if their evening weren't already chaotic enough, their paths cross a late-night robbery attempt.
  • Isis is a collaborative comic by Keovi and Kyell Gold that mixes love and sheep rustling on the lonesome prairie. In this tale, the canines get the action, while the sheep remain pure and innocent.
  • The Fangs of Love is a poem about love and pain and a bit of blood by Bears from Arcadia! illustrated by Stigmata.
  • Repaid In Silver by Kandrel and illustrated by Toulouse is an eloquent missed-connection–style personal ad broadcast to the ether in hopes of connecting a corgi mechanic with his lupine cybernetic paramour.
  • I Miss You Too is a comic by 333456 in which a young pup relives the previous night with her lover in her mind while cleaning up the detritus of their encounter.
  • The Delicate Game by Dark End and illustrated by Dark Natasha has its dark moments, but most of the time is a clever matching of wits between British lords who each have secrets to hide.
  • In Season by Tempe O'Kun and illustrated by Katie Hofgard explores passion through the seasons in poetic form.
  • In Best of the Best by Franklin Leo and illustrated by ShinigamiGirl follows a Duck Tolling Retriever and his Labrador Retriever lover/coach/wife as they prepare for his Olympic swim try-outs.
  • Rough Day is Donryu's comic about a bear letting off some steam with his partner after a hard day at work. Spilled fluids provide both tension and release.
  • Pushing by TrianglePascal and illustrated by Kacey Miyagami tells a hot and cold tale of passion and hypothermia on an ill-fated canoeing trip in the rain.
  • Mail Bonding by Blotch returns us to the American West where a visit to a remote outpost by the Pony Express leads to a cautionary tale about taboos and inhibitions.


"Advertising" in this volume is provided by Felidome brand condoms, via Blue_Panther, Paws Off maid services, via Sefeiren, and the Aces Gazette, via Blotch.


The wrap-around cover features an illustration inspired by the story Pushing by Serene Wyatt. This year's Afterglow Husky is by EclipseWolf.



  • Number of Pages: 112
  • ISBN: 978-1-936689-30-9
  • Released: June 2013

Heat #10

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  • Content Warning

    Contains written and visual depictions of sexual activity

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