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Divisions [HC]

It's been over a month since Devlin Miski came out publicly, and no other professional athlete has followed suit. Dev just wants to put it all behind him and play football, helping his Chevali Firebirds win their first-ever division title. If only his teammates—and everyone else—could just let it go, he'd be fine. But there's one teammate in particular who seems determined to make his life difficult?


And for his boyfriend Lee, the past is never laid to rest. If it isn't his parents' troubled marriage, it's an old friend pulling him back into gay rights activism. Lee could make a splash by getting Dev to promote gay rights, but he knows it would distract Dev from football. So he has to balance the pressures of the outside world against the needs of his relationship, and even for a clever fox, that's a tall order.


In this third volume of Dev and Lee's story, the tiger and fox continue to explore their relationship. Personalities clash and dreams are on the line as Dev and Lee navigate their very public lives and try to stay true to themselves.


Cover and interior illustrations are by Blotch.



  • Content Rating: Mature
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Number of Pages: 404
  • ISBN: 978-1-936689-28-6
  • Dimensions: 8.82 × 5.83 × 1.34 in
  • Released: January 2013

Divisions [HC]

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  • Content Warning

    Explicit Sexual Descriptions & Illustrations

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