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Digger: Volume Three

In this third volume of Digger, covering chapters five and six of Ursula Vernon's webcomic, our wombat Heroine is driven from the protective care of the Hag by the persistent efforts of Captain Jhalm. Back in the strange world outside the temple of Ganesh, Digger encounters friends new and old, while often confronting the age-old question of the nature of good and evil. Seemingly simple answers lead to complicated consequences, foes turn into allies, and Digger must continue to sort out who she can trust in her quest to find her way back home.


Digger puts her trust into trolls, vampire squash, and hyenas who wanted to eat her. Regular readers will probably not be surprised to learn that Digger's instincts serve her well.


Despite her humble protests, Digger continues to get rave reviews from the critics. Publishers Weekly says that Digger "...has inspired comparisons to Bone and Finder." Eric Lindberg of Broken Frontier describes Digger as "...a rich fantasy adventure, a bitingly sarcastic satire, a meditation on myth and religion, and possessed of a quirky and beautiful black and white art style..." And Eric Burns of Websnark reminds us that "...Ursula Vernon didn't come to comics via comics, but instead was a fine artist and illustrator who kind of segued into comics. It shows in her style, which is perhaps the most beautiful pen and ink work on the web. Vernon knows how to take black and negative space and make them into astounding pieces."


This collection also contains a guide to trolls at a glance, written by the esteemed Librarian Vo.

2013 Mythopoeic Awards WINNER

2012 Hugo Awards WINNER


  • Binding: Softcover
  • Number of Pages: 158
  • ISBN: 0-9791496-3-0
  • Dimensions: 9.25 × 7.8 × 0.39 in
  • Released: July 2007

Digger: Volume Three

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