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Anthrolations #7

Debuting in January 2000, Anthrolations: The Magazine of Anthropomorphic Dramatic Fiction showcases character based stories employing anthropomorphic animals in a variety of themes and sub-genres. It has enjoyed fan and critical acclaim, including several Best Fanzine nominations and multiple individual story and art Ursa Major Awards.


  • In the Line of Duty by MCA Hogarth, Illustrations by Mike Raabe


  • Looking Down to Camelot by Ho U-minh Mahinda, Illustrations by Cara Mitten


  • Onwards and Upwards by Mike McGee, Illustrations by Aura Moser


  • Fish Gotta Swim by Michael H. Payne, Illustrations by John Nunnemacher


  • The Last Sabretooth by John Burkitt, Illustrations by Cara Mitten


  • Golden by Tim Susman, Illustrations by Karena Kliefoth

Anthrolations #7

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