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Anthrolations #1

Debuting in January 2000, Anthrolations: The Magazine of Anthropomorphic Dramatic Fiction showcases character based stories employing anthropomorphic animals in a variety of themes and sub-genres. It enjoyed fan and critical acclaim, including several Best Fanzine nominations and multiple individual story and art Ursa Major Awards.


  • Many Years from Now - Part One by Tim Susman. Illustrations by Karena Kliefoth. The first part of a two part contemporary urban slice-of-life story about the differences between ideal romance and the reality of working relationships.


  • Final Rest by Lanny Fields. Illustrations by Derrick Dasenbrock. A young mageknight learns how to let go of the ones he has lost.


  • Butterfly by M.C.A. Hogarth. Illustrations by Megan Giles. Noelle, long cast off from her Hinichi heritage, is given the opportunity to return and even lead as one of royal blood. Only, if she was so special, why had she been abandoned in the first place?


  • Red Dog and the Day of the Move by Dekker Graden. Illustrations by G. "Coyotepuck" Wills. In a post apocalyptic world, the only thing that is certain is a little boy's love for his unique dog.


  • Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond by Michael J. McGee. A satirical twist on the 'super hero being sent to his doom by his arch nemesis' theme.


  • The 'Dogs of War by Christopher Williams. Love, war and politics — the prairie dog way.


Anthrolations #1

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