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Anthrocon 2014 New Releases and Pre-Orders!

6/16/2014 11:00 pm

We are excited to announce that it is once again time to pre-order our hot new summer releases! Scheduled for debut at Anthrocon, 2014 are:

  • Uncovered by Kyell Gold – The fourth book in the Dev and Lee series (including Out of Position, Isolation Play, and Divisions) picks up at the end of the last book and takes Dev and Lee through the playoffs. Available in both softcover ($19.95) and hardcover ($39.95).
  • The Art of Hibbary – The latest release in our Artistic Visions series features Dragons and Khymeras galore (among other awesome things), with insightful commentary by the artist. ($14.95)
  • Heat #11 – The latest issue of our mixed format adult anthology, featuring a long list of talent new and old. Check out the product page for all the details. This is our longest issue yet, and still costs only $14.95!
  • The Godson's Triumph by MCA Hogarth – The conclusion of the military fantasy story started in Flight of the Godkin Griffin. Commander Angharad's conflict with the Godson over the province of Shraeven comes to a surprising conclusion. ($17.95)

And that is just the newest stuff! This is a great time to also stock up on anything you might have missed since last Anthrocon, including: the excellent "God of Clay" by Ryan Campbell, "Red Devil" by Kyell Gold (the second book in the Dangerous Spirits series that started with "Green Fairy"), "The Art of Henrieke", and "Digger: The Complete Omnibus" — a book both awesome and heavy enough to kill! (Available in both softcover and hardcover.)

So what do you need to know?

Remember these dates:

  • Pre-orders start on Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 @ 5PM Central Time.
  • Pre-orders for pickup at Anthrocon must be placed by Thursday, June 26th.
  • Pre-orders to be signed by Kyell Gold must be placed by Monday, July 7th, 2014.

Uncovered Pre-Orders and Signing

Both hardcover and softcover editions of Uncovered will be available for pre-order on our website starting Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 at 5PM Central Time. Copies of both editions pre-ordered by Monday, July 7th will be signed by Kyell. Hardcovers pre-ordered by Monday, July 7th will be both signed and numbered.

(Un-numbered, un-signed copies will be available for general purchase at the convention and on our website after the pre-order period, while supplies last.)

Kyell signing pre-order rules & details:

  • Signed copies are only guaranteed for orders placed by Monday, July 7th, 2014.
  • Kyell will be signing all of his titles, not just Uncovered.
    ** See below for special information on the reprints of the other Hardcovers in the Dev and Lee series. **
  • You may include other products in your pre-order.
  • If you would like your book(s) dedicated, please include the name(s) for the dedication in the notes field during checkout.
  • We will attempt to ship all orders between July 9th and July 13th, but depending on volume it may take us a little longer.

Pre-Orders to be Shipped:

There is no special pre-order shipping option if you are not picking your books up at Anthrocon. Simply choose among the standard shipping options. Any order that contains Uncovered, Heat #11, The Art of Hibbary, or The Godson's Triumph will be considered a pre-order and will not be shipped until all products in the order are in and/or signed.

We will attempt to ship all orders between July 9th and July 13th.

Anthrocon At-Con Pick-Up:

Pre-orders for pick-up at Anthrocon 2014 will be taken through Thursday, June 26th. Orders must be placed and paid for by this date. The pre-order and pick-up process will be the same as in previous years:

To Order:

  • Add items to your cart.
  • When checking out, select the "At-Convention Pick-Up" shipping option.
  • If you choose the "Check or Money Order" payment option, your payment must reach us by Monday June 30th. You may also send us funds via PayPal to sales@sofawolf.com for the full amount of the order.
  • Print out a copy of your receipt and bring it with you to Anthrocon.

To Pick Up:

  • Come to our booth #I-1 (an island table group near the concession stand area) in the Dealer's Room before the last day of the con.
  • Show us the copy of your order receipt.
  • Present a photo ID matching the name on the order.
  • We'll ask for your signature to confirm you've picked up your order, and then you'll get your loot!
  • If your plans change and you need someone to pick up your order for you, please contact us at sales@sofawolf.com with the name of the person authorized to pick up your order. (They must provide photo ID matching the name you give us.)

** A special note regarding other hardcovers in the Dev and Lee series (Out of Position, Isolation Play, and Divisions). These books will not be back from the printer in time for pickup at Anthrocon, so DO NOT CHOOSE THIS AS YOUR DELIVERY METHOD if you have one of them in your cart. If you wish to pick up your other purchases at Anthrocon, please place one order for those items that are available for pickup, and then place a separate order (with regular shipping) for the hardcover titles that will not be available at Anthrocon. These hardcover titles MAY not arrive in time for Kyell to be able to sign them directly like the other books. If this is the case, we will have Kyell sign an insert card with your dedication (if applicable) for inclusion with the book.

Emerald City Comicon!

3/29/2014 9:30 am

If you're in Seattle this weekend, please stop by Emerald City Comicon to check out our booth and say hi! We're down in the basement dealers room, booth number 2715.

Banished to the ECCC basement

In addition to our own publications and products, we're also hosting several collaborators at our booth:

  • The Room Party Game, that wacky fun game where the goal is to create the most awesome room party at the con, will be for sale.
  • Keovi will be selling a selection of her cute T-shirts.
  • Kenket will have her MLP collaboration prints for sale.
  • Lynn Hogan will stop by on Sunday at 3:00 PM to sign copies of her Prydwen comic.

We look forward to meeting you, and to hearing reports of life up above ground where you can see the sun.

Furry University This Weekend - Classes For Your Business Degree Taught By Sofawolf Press!

3/17/2014 9:53 pm

[updated] We have updated the panels below to include those by Fugue, who is helping out at our booth and who has played both roles of writer and editor for Sofawolf.

Going to be at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2014 - "Furry University" this coming weekend? Been thinking about turning your furry hobby into a full-fledged business? Then set aside some time in your schedule for the following four classes being taught by Sofawolf Press:

  • SofawolfOne: Crowdfunding 101 [Friday 6:30 pm]
    Fresh off of running our wildly successful Kickstarter for the Digger Omnibus, our team has put together an hour and a half worth of useful information for anyone else who is considering crowdfunding as a way to finance a project. The focus will be on Kickstarter and Indiegogo style programs, with an emphasis in how to plan, successfully run, and survive the process.
  • SofawolfOne: Intro to Accounting for Creators [Saturday 2pm]
    Accounting is a frequently misunderstood but very valuable tool for evaluating the health of your business operation. We'll cover some simple terms and try to demystify the mechanics with simple examples, as well as provide some tools and resource suggestions.
  • Fugue: Beginnings and Endings [Saturday 3:30 pm]
    Your first line can sell a story; your last line can sell your next story. Join us to discuss the ins and outs of starts and stops. We'll look at opening and ending lines as well as opening and ending scenes, in both classics and in modern furry writing.
  • SofawolfOne: Pitching and Promoting your Project [Saturday 7:30 pm]
    Different types of projects require different strategies when it comes to getting the word out, whether you are targeting a broad audience or approaching a publisher. We'll discuss some of the tried and true methods for various scenarios.
  • SofawolfOne: The Novel: A to Z [Sunday 11am]
    We'll attempt to run the gamut from discussing the writing process, through the editing process, and how to prepare your novel for submission. From there we'll discuss from the publisher's perspective what goes into selecting a project, securing art, preparing for publication, and selling the final product.
  • Fugue: Standing Out in the Slushpile [Sunday 2:00 pm]
    Anthologies and magazines often receive far more stories than they can actually publish. We will discuss what happens to your stories after you submit and how you can help your story's chances of being selected.

There should be something there for just about everyone, and we are particularly excited to lead the Accounting and Crowdfunding discussions. We look forward to having you in our class (no apples required).

Courses taught by Professor Sofawolf-One, our very own Jeffery Eddy, can be found on Sched.org at: furryweekend.sched.org/speaker/jeffeddy#.UyeajYVhorI

courses taught by Professor Fugue can be found at: furryweekend.sched.org/speaker/jfugue

2013 Sofawolf Year in Review

1/1/2014 7:03 pm

It has been a busy year here at Sofawolf Press. It never ISN’T a busy year, but somehow this year managed to turn “Busy” up to 11.

The biggest story was of course the Digger Omnibus Kickstarter. We started talking about this in September 2012 when Digger won the Hugo for Graphic Story, but 2013 was the year the project really got in gear. The first half of the year was spent in planning, budgeting, and writing and filming the creative assets for the project; we launched it in early June and it ended 30 days later with a hefty $142,000 total.

The second half of the year saw us spending pretty much every free moment trying not to be overwhelmed by the data, logistics, and production requirements for such a massive project. A variety of production delays pushed the final fulfillment of the rewards out into late November and through to just before Christmas (and beyond, for some items). Even with the help of a great many wonderful folks, we only managed to get it all shipped so quickly by spending numerous vacation days saved up from our regular jobs on it (at least three weeks' worth, combined), as well as many late nights and every weekend.

The big question, of course, is: Was it worth it? For the aspect of celebrating Digger and Ursula’s accomplishments and producing an event that fans would remember for years to come, yes. Despite every bit of risk and hard work, it was everything we hoped it would be, and we are proud to have been a part of making it happen.

Financially... That is a story that will continue to be written well into 2014 and beyond. While $142,000 sounds like a lot of money (indeed a terrifyingly lot of money to be responsible for), it was well short of the liquid assets required for a print run of the size we ended up doing, plus all the buttons, stickers, pins, posters, packing material and shipping required to fulfill everyone's pledge. The profit, for both us and Ursula, lies in the pallets of books still in our warehouse. Our hope is that Digger will continue to sell through our website, at conventions, and through our various distribution channels.

While the Kickstarter was the biggest story, however, it was not the only one. We released four new titles in 2013:

  • Divisions — The third book in the Forester Universe series by Kyell Gold, also including Out of Position and Isolation Play. As usual, Kyell and his fleet of editors did a great job pulling the book together, and the resulting story speaks for itself.
  • Hot Dish, Volume One — The first of a hopefully ongoing series of anthologies that collect erotic novella-length stories too long for inclusion in our regular mixed-media anthology Heat. We got a lot of help on this project by editor-supreme and Sofawolf colleague Dark End. His assistance in getting the raw stories into their final form was invaluable in getting this project to print.
  • Heat #10 — The latest volume of the aforementioned anthology, this year wonderfully managed and designed by Teagan Gavet. She picked up the reigns of art direction and design from Alopex so that he could work on the Kickstarter, and I doubt the issue would have happened without her skill and dedication to it.
  • God of Clay — An exciting new entry in our catalog by Ryan Campbell, this is the first of a trilogy of novels set in a mythical version of sub-Saharan Africa. Animal and Elemental Gods and humans come together in a clash of old wounds and old alliances in a story that is both epic and deeply personal. We have a lot of faith in this being a real breakout title for both us and the author as the story unfolds over the next few years.

On the operations side, we moved out of the basement of Jeff and Dale’s house in Saint Paul, MN and into a warehouse space in West Saint Paul. On top of providing space for storage and more efficient order processing, it has direct access to loading docks and a welcome lack of stairs. Both of which have made preparing for conventions and shipping books out to them a less physically straining affair.

Looking forward to 2014, our main goal is to focus on promoting the great works we have in our catalog to a wider audience. More people need to know about the skilled writers and artists we are so lucky to have in our midst.

However, we also keenly feel the significant impact that running the Kickstarter had on our activities within the Furry community this past year. So we hope to make 2014 a year of looking inward and re-engaging with the fandom that inspired us to get started in this venture in the first place. We want to know more about what you want from us and to see how we can provide it.

Naturally we have a full production schedule of new titles to bring to completion as well:

We also have a new Forrester novel from Kyell Gold, the sequel to MCA Hogarth’s “Godkin Griffin”, the much-anticipated release of Spain Fisher’s “Caterwall”, Heat #11, a new “New Fables”, and some other great things we aren’t ready to talk about yet.

Finally, we’d like to take some time to thank everyone who made this year possible:

  • All our creators, who provide not only the foundation for everything we do, but also the inspiration to keep us doing it.
  • Our staff, both principals and associates, who do the doing. Special thanks to those creators, editors and project managers who took time out of their own pursuits to lend us a hand, like Dark End, Teagan Gavet, Tempe O’Kun, Spain Fisher and the New Fables editing crew.
  • Our huskies, who despite getting way less attention than they deserved, managed to keep from destroying most of their immediate surroundings this past year. Mostly...
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