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Heat #12 and Hot Dish #2 Submissions Open, now through September!

7/15/2014 10:33 pm

[Alopex] Now that we’ve survived Anthrocon and the successful release of Heat #11 and several other new products and the 2-day drive home AND the shipping of pre-orders (mostly) it’s time to think about starting things up all over again for Heat #12!

Heat #12 Submissions

Our deadline this year is the same as last year’s: September 30. However, we’re making the announcement quite a bit earlier than last year, so you all have two and a half months to finish polishing off your stories! (You all have been busy writing already and not waiting for this announcement, right? Right?)

Last year was our first year using Submittable for managing submissions, and it has worked out well enough that we’re going to continue using it this year. You can start on our main page or go directly to the submission forms for Heat stories, poems, and comics.

Please note that we’ve had one report of Submittable’s confirmation emails getting caught by spam filters, which hopefully they’re working on fixing. In the meantime, if you’re ever unsure about the status of your submissions, you can always log in to Submittable, check out “My Submissions” under your account details, and then click on the “Activity” tab for any of your submissions. That will reveal whatever emails Submittable has sent to your email account, whether they successfully made it to your inbox or not. If you have any further questions, please contact us at talent@sofawolf.com.

And, as I can’t say it enough times, many thanks to Dark End and Teagan Gavet for their tremendous work on Heat #11, along with Huskyteer and Jeff for their slushpile and editing work. Hopefully they won’t kill me for not giving them much of a break before starting it all up once again!

Hot Dish #2 Submissions

We’ve made some good progress with the submissions that have come in so far, but we’re still looking for more in order to put together a volume of similar length as the first volume. As incentive for procrastinators to get their works-in-progress polished up and submitted, we’re setting a deadline of September 30, 2014 for Hot Dish, the same as for Heat. All submissions received by this deadline will be considered. If after we’ve reviewed these submissions we find that we have enough stories to fill the next volume, we will officially close submissions and begin our editing work in earnest.

If we don’t accept enough submissions by this deadline, we will keep it open. But we offer no guarantees, so, if you want to be in Hot Dish #2, now is the time to get to work!

Our Hot Dish submissions form remains open at its original location.

Pre-Orders and Anthrocon Travel Update

6/27/2014 7:56 am

Pre-orders for pickup at Anthrocon are now done. Thanks to everyone who placed orders and pre-orders! We have a few days before we start our annual two-day road trip to Pittsburgh, and in those days we'll be making final preparations and shipping out those orders that can go immediately.

We are leaving our catalog online during our trip to Anthrocon so that you can still place orders at any time, but please be advised that we will not be processing any orders placed after Sunday, June 30, until after we return later in the week of July 7-11.

  • Both The Art of Hibbary and The Godson's Triumph are in from the printer and may be shipped in these last few days before Anthrocon. If you ordered one of these products and did not order anything that is waiting for a signature by Kyell Gold, there is a good chance we will process your order before we leave.
  • Orders that include titles by Kyell Gold will not go out until after we return. He is stopping by on his way home from Anthrocon to sign all the things. Orders with his signed products will be processed in the order that they were received after that. Recent releases in this group include Uncovered (hardcover and softcover) and Heat #11.
  • Reprints of hardcover editions of the earlier Dev and Lee titles (Out of Position, Isolation Play, and Divisions) still have an uncertain ship date. If they are not here in time for Kyell to sign, he will sign a bookplate that will be included with your books when they are ready to ship.

Thanks again for your patronage!

Anthrocon 2014 New Releases and Pre-Orders!

6/16/2014 11:00 pm

We are excited to announce that it is once again time to pre-order our hot new summer releases! Scheduled for debut at Anthrocon, 2014 are:

  • Uncovered by Kyell Gold – The fourth book in the Dev and Lee series (including Out of Position, Isolation Play, and Divisions) picks up at the end of the last book and takes Dev and Lee through the playoffs. Available in both softcover ($19.95) and hardcover ($39.95).
  • The Art of Hibbary – The latest release in our Artistic Visions series features Dragons and Khymeras galore (among other awesome things), with insightful commentary by the artist. ($14.95)
  • Heat #11 – The latest issue of our mixed format adult anthology, featuring a long list of talent new and old. Check out the product page for all the details. This is our longest issue yet, and still costs only $14.95!
  • The Godson's Triumph by MCA Hogarth – The conclusion of the military fantasy story started in Flight of the Godkin Griffin. Commander Angharad's conflict with the Godson over the province of Shraeven comes to a surprising conclusion. ($17.95)

And that is just the newest stuff! This is a great time to also stock up on anything you might have missed since last Anthrocon, including: the excellent "God of Clay" by Ryan Campbell, "Red Devil" by Kyell Gold (the second book in the Dangerous Spirits series that started with "Green Fairy"), "The Art of Henrieke", and "Digger: The Complete Omnibus" — a book both awesome and heavy enough to kill! (Available in both softcover and hardcover.)

So what do you need to know?

Remember these dates:

  • Pre-orders start on Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 @ 5PM Central Time.
  • Pre-orders for pickup at Anthrocon must be placed by Thursday, June 26th.
  • Pre-orders to be signed by Kyell Gold must be placed by Monday, July 7th, 2014.

Uncovered Pre-Orders and Signing

Both hardcover and softcover editions of Uncovered will be available for pre-order on our website starting Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 at 5PM Central Time. Copies of both editions pre-ordered by Monday, July 7th will be signed by Kyell. Hardcovers pre-ordered by Monday, July 7th will be both signed and numbered.

(Un-numbered, un-signed copies will be available for general purchase at the convention and on our website after the pre-order period, while supplies last.)

Kyell signing pre-order rules & details:

  • Signed copies are only guaranteed for orders placed by Monday, July 7th, 2014.
  • Kyell will be signing all of his titles, not just Uncovered.
    ** See below for special information on the reprints of the other Hardcovers in the Dev and Lee series. **
  • You may include other products in your pre-order.
  • If you would like your book(s) dedicated, please include the name(s) for the dedication in the notes field during checkout.
  • We will attempt to ship all orders between July 9th and July 13th, but depending on volume it may take us a little longer.

Pre-Orders to be Shipped:

There is no special pre-order shipping option if you are not picking your books up at Anthrocon. Simply choose among the standard shipping options. Any order that contains Uncovered, Heat #11, The Art of Hibbary, or The Godson's Triumph will be considered a pre-order and will not be shipped until all products in the order are in and/or signed.

We will attempt to ship all orders between July 9th and July 13th.

Anthrocon At-Con Pick-Up:

Pre-orders for pick-up at Anthrocon 2014 will be taken through Thursday, June 26th. Orders must be placed and paid for by this date. The pre-order and pick-up process will be the same as in previous years:

To Order:

  • Add items to your cart.
  • When checking out, select the "At-Convention Pick-Up" shipping option.
  • If you choose the "Check or Money Order" payment option, your payment must reach us by Monday June 30th. You may also send us funds via PayPal to sales@sofawolf.com for the full amount of the order.
  • Print out a copy of your receipt and bring it with you to Anthrocon.

To Pick Up:

  • Come to our booth #I-1 (an island table group near the concession stand area) in the Dealer's Room before the last day of the con.
  • Show us the copy of your order receipt.
  • Present a photo ID matching the name on the order.
  • We'll ask for your signature to confirm you've picked up your order, and then you'll get your loot!
  • If your plans change and you need someone to pick up your order for you, please contact us at sales@sofawolf.com with the name of the person authorized to pick up your order. (They must provide photo ID matching the name you give us.)

** A special note regarding other hardcovers in the Dev and Lee series (Out of Position, Isolation Play, and Divisions). These books will not be back from the printer in time for pickup at Anthrocon, so DO NOT CHOOSE THIS AS YOUR DELIVERY METHOD if you have one of them in your cart. If you wish to pick up your other purchases at Anthrocon, please place one order for those items that are available for pickup, and then place a separate order (with regular shipping) for the hardcover titles that will not be available at Anthrocon. These hardcover titles MAY not arrive in time for Kyell to be able to sign them directly like the other books. If this is the case, we will have Kyell sign an insert card with your dedication (if applicable) for inclusion with the book.

Emerald City Comicon!

3/29/2014 9:30 am

If you're in Seattle this weekend, please stop by Emerald City Comicon to check out our booth and say hi! We're down in the basement dealers room, booth number 2715.

Banished to the ECCC basement

In addition to our own publications and products, we're also hosting several collaborators at our booth:

  • The Room Party Game, that wacky fun game where the goal is to create the most awesome room party at the con, will be for sale.
  • Keovi will be selling a selection of her cute T-shirts.
  • Kenket will have her MLP collaboration prints for sale.
  • Lynn Hogan will stop by on Sunday at 3:00 PM to sign copies of her Prydwen comic.

We look forward to meeting you, and to hearing reports of life up above ground where you can see the sun.

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