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Pre-orders for Summer 2012 releases, starting this Saturday!

22 May, 2012 10:51 pm

It is the time of year for ribs on the grill, crisp dry wines; and if you are our huskies, crunchy, tasty June Bugs. It is also the time of year for Sofawolf Press to roll out our summer releases — all of which are even better than June Bugs — but some of which will probably not be around for very long, either. As in the past our solution to giving everyone a shot at these limited items is to do pre-orders, but this year we are mixing things up a bit and allowing people to pre-order ANYTHING, not just the limited edition items. It all begins this coming Saturday morning (May 26th) at 10 AM US Central Time.

We'll get to the pre-order details in a moment, but first here are the two items you will most want to pay attention to:

The Nordguard Card Game - This is being released in two editions: Standard ($14.95) and Deluxe ($24.95). Both editions contain the full 130 card deck featuring a ton of new art created specifically for the game, and 4 custom six-sided dice featuring the Nordguard logo laser-etched into them by the good folks at Chessex. The Deluxe edition adds 4 extra dice (for faster game play), a metallic Norguard collector's coin which you can use as a gamepiece (or just keep for the purposes of sheer awesomeness), and a handy canvas belt-pouch screened with the Nordguard logo and signed by the cool people who worked so hard on the game (including Blotch, of course).

There will be an extremely limited number of the Deluxe editions available, and once they are gone, that is it! If you would like to claim one of these beauties for your very own you will have the following opportunites:

  1. We will put 1/4 of them (approximately 50) up for pre-order on Saturday, May 26th (that is this coming Saturday) at 10 AM US Central Time (the Chicago time zone). Once they are sold out we won't be putting any more online until after Anthrocon (see #3).
  2. We will have 1/4 of them (approximately 50) for sale at Anthrocon in Pittsburgh, PA the weekend of June 15-17. As in the past we will split these roughly into three equal releases to be available when the room opens each morning. So, if we sell out one morning before you can get there, you can try again the next morning.
  3. We will have another batch available for ordering online shortly after Anthrocon. We will release these on Saturday June 23rd at 10 PM US Central Time (giving the folks in APAC a change to get them without staying up until we wee hours of the morning). Once this batch sells out, we will likely not be releasing ANY more online -- so if you need to order online to get one, you had better try to get them on one of these two dates.
  4. The remainder will be available, in VERY limited numbers, at cons throughout the year for as long as they last. We will definitely have some for sale at Comic-Con International, and will try to portion them out so that everyone gets a shot. More details will be available when the time comes...

That is it. Once the Deluxe edition games are gone there will be no more of them. Bookmark the ordering page (here it is again) and set your reminders on Stun...

The second item that everyone has been waiting for is:

Nordguard Book One: Across Thin Ice Hardcovers ($29.95) - Yes, we were finally able to get a new print run done of the hardcover version of Across Thin Ice. These sold out VERY quickly the first time around and a lot of people have been asking for them, so I don't expect them to stick around forever this time either. If you have been waiting to get one, I wouldn't delay!

On top of these two gems, you can also pre-order our other new releases for Summer 2012:

Heat #9 ($14.95) - The latest volume of our wildly popular annual adult erotica anthology. I'd go into detail on what is in it, but I think this blog entry already has too much awesome. Just go check out the product page.

Flight of the Godkin Griffin ($17.95) - A new novel by MCA Hogarth that combines her signature military fiction style with a more fantasy tone, and reminded me a little bit of both Anne McCaffrey and Ursula LeGuin. It's an engaging 275 page read, with art by Ms. Hogarth herself.

The Blood Jaguar ($15.95) - A re-release of the classic 1998 Tor Fantasy novel by Michael H. Payne, updated with an awesome cover and interior art by Lauren Henderson (aka: "Louvelex"). This is every bit a classic fantasy novel, with some unique quirks that make it a memorable journey all its own. The main character, Bobcat, has more in common with Thomas Covenant than Frodo Baggins; but at the end of the day his heart is in the right place.

Last, but not least, is our 2012 summer Tee Shirt ($15), this year designed by Myenia. It celebrates the imminent release of our first eBooks (details coming soon...) and depicts our two husky characters in cyber-form, enjoying literature in both new and old formats. We return to the ever-popular black tee shirt for these, and return to the Hanes Tagless which we used for the 2009 steampunk design by Keovi (which will also be back in stock this summer and available for pre-order as well).

As in past years you will be able to either have products shipped to you when they are released (everything is schedule to ship on, or before, the 20th of June) or select an option to have us package it up for you for pickup at Anthrocon -- saving you on both shipping fees AND the need to wake up early and get in line for the hot items. Full details are available here. (Note: Read them! There is important information concerning shipping, pickup, and payment options.) If you have any questions drop us an email and we will do our best to answer them!

Good ordering to you, and we'll see many of you at Anthrocon!

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