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Nordguard Card Game: New And Improved!

6 November, 2012 11:57 pm

We are happy to announce the release of our second printing of the Nordguard Card Game. The first printing was incredibly popular and sold out quicker than we had anticipated. We got a lot of great feedback on the game from those of you who were the first to play it, including both praise and opportunities for improvement. We took those comments seriously, and for the second printing we incorporated a number of your suggestions to make the game even better.

This second printing is basically the same game as the first — it has all the same cards as the first round — but we've corrected typos, added some extra information, and adjusted the design of the cards to simplify sorting one type from another. We've also improved the rules as well as the box construction and design.

You may have noticed that we also adjusted the price of the card game to $24.95. When we first released it, we had no idea how well it would sell, especially to gaming fans who had never heard of the Nordguard comic, so we played it safe and priced the decks at barely above their production cost. This helped move our stock, but it was not a price we could support long term. At that price we could not afford to sell them through other distributors, including brick-and-mortar game stores. Now that we are confident in the quality of the product relative to other professionally-produced games, and now that we have confirmed that it is attractive to gamers in general, we are pricing them at a level more appropriate for card games of this type and level of artistic quality.

Sure, we could have cut corners to keep the costs down, such as not including custom-made dice, but we felt that would have made the game a less exceptional product, and one that would have been a disservice to everyone who worked so hard on it. We've talked with distributors in the game industry, and they have given us guidance on what the proper price is for this game relative to similar games in the market.

We hope you enjoy the game, whether you are continuing to play the first printing or whether you pick up the brand new version!

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