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Holiday Sales and Website Downtime

4 December, 2012 10:16 am

Time for an update about our Holiday sales, as well as a bit of downtime for maintenance.

Holiday Sales

We are placing new products on sale every few days for the remainder of the holiday season. Please watch our @SofawolfPress Twitter account for updates! The sales are cumulative, with all ending on December 21st or later. Our sales thus far include:

Shipping Dates For The Holidays

The recommended shipping date for delivery to Africa and South/Central America has passed, but there is still time to have us send gifts to your friends in time for Christmas across most of the rest of the globe! Please check out the USPS Holiday Shipping and Mailing Dates for when to place your orders for international and domestic gift delivery. We ship strictly Priority Mail and International Priority Mail, which makes figuring out dates simple. Please subtract a couple days from those listed by USPS to give us time to pack and ship your orders by these dates.

Website Downtime For Maintenance

Our website will go down for up to four hours the night of Tuesday, December 4th, starting around 10:00 PM EST (7:00 PM PST). The site should be down for no more than four hours. The downtime is for our host's data center to make upgrades for power and environmental infrastructure to increase redundancy.

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