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Attending MiDFur? Save big on Sofawolf Shipping with Pre-Orders!

21 October, 2012 10:41 pm

We will have a booth at MiDFur 2012 this December 4-8, which will be shared with and managed by Kyell Gold. Shipping heavy things like books to Australia is very expensive, even in bulk, so we are going to be very selective in what we send, to avoid having to pay to ship unsold product back. We will also be adjusting our prices to help offset shipping costs.

HOWEVER, if you pre-order now, you will not only get to choose from our entire catalog, but we’ll also give you a 50% discount on shipping over the premium we’ll be charging at the convention, and a MUCH greater discount over our usual shipping costs on our website. (Minimum shipping to Australia from our website these days is $33, which is for USPS Priority International.)

The sale runs NOW through Sunday, November 4th.

Why Pre-Order?

  1. Choose from our full catalog
    We will only be shipping select items for at-con sales.
  2. Cheaper shipping
    50% off the shipping premium we’ll be adding to at-con sales
  3. Guaranteed in-stock
    No need to rush to the dealer’s room to get stuff before it’s sold out.

To Order:

  1. Go to our website and put items in your cart as you normally would.
  2. When you check out, select the “MiDFur At-Con Pickup” option. This is a flat $1.50 per item charge. (Our system will still require a shipping address. Just enter your billing address here to make it happy.)
  3. Payment: We will only honor the pre-order shipping discount if you pay before we ship. This can be achieved two ways:
    • Credit Card, via the normal website process.
    • PayPal: Select the “Check/Money Order” option, then send the total amount of your order to sales@sofawolf.com by the last day of the pre-order sale, November 4th.
  4. Print out a copy of your receipt to bring to MiDFur.

To Pick Up:

  1. Come to the MiDFur dealer’s den during open hours. Try to avoid times when Kyell is doing panels to ensure that someone will be at the table.
  2. Bring a copy of your receipt and a photo ID matching your face to the name on your order. (If you need to have someone else pick up your order for you, please arrange that with us ahead of time. Email sales@sofawolf.com with details.)
  3. We will have you sign off that you have received your order at the time you pick up your order.
  4. Read and enjoy! (Read quick, before the end of the world...)
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