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Announcing Heat #9

26 April, 2012 12:17 pm

Cover for Heat #9

[Alopex] Once again, it's time to announce a new volume of Heat! After months of work bringing together stories and art from nearly two dozen different writers, poets and artists, Heat #9 is in its final stages of proofing and adjusting before we give the final OK. Content is finished and contracts are signed, so I am finally safe to announce who is appearing in this issue!

Heat is intended for readers 18 years of age and older.

Please stop by our product page (swp.im/p/h-09) for more details on the individual stories that appear in this issue, including links to web pages for the many contributors. Here's an abbreviated list:

This volume was fun to work on, despite a few inevitable hiccups along the way. The stories explore the sexual relationships between characters in ways that really make you think; they lean perhaps a bit more towards drama and less towards humor than previous issues. Also, the art that was created to accompany the stories (whether in prose, poem or comic format) is all top notch and wonderfully diverse in style and technique, including both digital and real media. Alastair Wildfire, for example, really went over the top, creating toned prints from etchings for "Two Minutes," a story by Whyte Yoté.

Two of the stories involve fetishes that might cause some readers to pause, but in each the fetish is treated deftly and is used as part of a larger story; the stories are much more than an excuse for the authors to play out their fantasies for those who already share the fetish. They are great examples of Heat's overall goal of showcasing stories that can appeal to a broad audience of readers, not just those who share the particular sexual orientations or kinks of the characters involved.

Many thanks to all who contributed to this issue! I hope to soon post a FurAffinity journal with links to all the FA pages of those contributors to this issue who have them, as well as teasers they have posted.

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