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Announcing “Caterwall” a graphic novel by Spain Fischer

30 April, 2012 10:36 pm

Caterwall preview image and sketches

Sofawolf Press is excited to announce “Caterwall” a young adult graphic novel by Spain Fischer, also known online as Sophie Cabra.

Caterwall is the story of Pax, the orphaned son of one of the kingdom of Katia's greatest knights. As he nears adulthood he should be taking on the mantle his father left behind, but his impatience with the slow pace of his life in the capital city of Caterwall makes him few friends. The kingdom has been at peace for many years, and the knighthood has been relegated to administrative tasks and pageantry.

When he stumbles on a messenger from the dog kingdom bringing news of war with the wolves of the north, it looks like his chance to shine. But, when he rushes off to get help, the messenger vanishes without a trace, and everyone sees it just as another attempt to gain attention. When he incautiously insults the dog kingdom's own ambassador in open court, the king has no choice but to banish Pax from the city for good.

Now left to his own devices, he is joined by his best friend Gavin, led to Pax's side by a seer's intuition, an ability considered by most to have faded from his blood line long before. Together they set out to make their way to the dog kingdom, but many miles lie between them and their goal, and neither of them have any idea what they are going to do when they get there.

Pax's journey will be told in a series of three, 100 page graphic novels, beginning with the first book, scheduled for release in Summer 2013. The story is appropriate for ages 12 and up and will balance a serious fantasy storyline with the sort of wide-eyed frivolity familiar to those who share their lives with domestic felines.

Artist and writer Spain Fischer started writing the story that would become Caterwall when she was fifteen. Inspired by both Tolkein's The Hobbit and Jacques' Redwall series, what originally was conceived as a novel grew in an artistic direction. A graduate of the University of Central Florida, Fischer has worked as both a newspaper editorial cartoonist and a storyboard artist for TV productions.

Keep up with announcements about the project, sneak peeks, and ongoing character and story background information on the project's web site www.caterwall.net, or on Twitter: @Caterwall. Or watch the publisher's web site www.sofawolf.com, or Twitter: @sofawolfpress

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