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Still Available: Kyell Gold's Waterways 10th Anniversary Hardcover Edition signing & pre-orders!

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Midwest Furfest & Seasonal Update

11/27/2017 7:58 am

Now that we all have survived Thanksgiving and the Black Friday craziness that tends to follow, it's time for an update on what's happening with Sofawolf Press! We are busy preparing for Midwest FurFest, and as such, we are no longer taking orders for at-con pickup as mentioned in our previous post. However, there is still time to pre-order the Waterways 10th Anniversary hardcover edition, as well as get it (and other books) signed by Kyell Gold! And, last but not least, we have enabled a discount code of WINTER17 which will get you an additional 20% off all orders now through December 23.

Midwest FurFest

This week we'll be driving to Chicagoland for Midwest FurFest. You can find us in the new Dealer's Room, booths 22-23, next to FurPlanet. New releases will include the Waterways 10th Anniversary hardcover edition, Fox Amoore's "Canis Major" book of piano scores, as well as the softcover edition of Ursula Vernon's "Summer in Orcus".

Kyell Gold Signing

Kyell Gold will be dropping by the warehouse after Midwest FurFest to sign orders placed on our website through December 3, including the new Waterways 10th Anniversary hardcover edition. (See our previous post for details.) If you can't make it to the same conventions as he does, this is a great opportunity to get his books signed and personalized!

Winter Holiday Discount

It's that time of year again! If you're looking for gifts for loved ones, frenemies, or even just to treat yourself, use the discount code WINTER17 now through December 23 for an additional 20% off your order. To get the discount, type "WINTER17" into the "Discount Code" field when you get to the payment stage of the checkout process.

Please keep USPS's holiday shipping deadlines in mind if you want your order to arrive by Christmas! And remember to add a couple days to those dates to give us time to pack your order and get into the system. Thanks!

Kyell Gold's Waterways 10th Anniversary Edition Hardcover Signing & Pre-Orders

11/15/2017 9:36 pm

Waterways 10th anniversary edition cover

We are excited to announce the release of the long-anticipated Waterways 10th Anniversary Edition hardcover. This edition includes all the art and stories from the original softcover edition, newly revised by the author, PLUS two new short stories and illustrations by John Nunnemacher. It is available in hardcover ($39.95) only.

So what do you need to know?

Remember these dates

  • Pre-orders start on Friday, November 17th @ 5PM Central US Time (11PM UTC)
  • All Pre-orders for Midwest FurFest Pickup must be placed by Sunday, November 26th @ Midnight Central US Time
  • All other Pre-orders that you want signed and personalized by Kyell Gold must be placed by Sunday, December 3rd @ Midnight Central US Time
  • Pickup at Midwest FurFest must be during the Dealer's Room open hours, December 1 – 3.

The Details

The first 160 Waterways hardcovers pre-ordered by Sunday, December 3rd will be both signed and numbered. Numbers will be assigned to orders in the order they are received by the system. After the first 160 copies are sold, all remaining hardcovers sold by December 3rd will be signed but not numbered.

Note: This means if you are NOT looking for a serially numbered copy, you don’t need to be ordering right when they go on sale. We have plenty of copies of the book and are VERY unlikely to run out during the pre-order period.

Here is a link to the catalog page.

General rules

  • Signed copies are only guaranteed for orders placed by Sunday, December 3rd.
  • Kyell will be signing all of his titles, not just Waterways. So, anything you purchase by Kyell—including short stories in volumes of Heat or Hot Dish—will be signed. You need not purchase the Waterways hardcover to get books signed, but make sure to specify in the notes field that you want books signed.
  • If you would like your book(s) dedicated, please include the name(s) and/or text for the dedication in the notes field during checkout. Be as clear as possible what you want him to write.
  • You may include any other products from our catalog in your pre-order as well. Everything will ship together.
  • We will attempt to ship all orders between December 6th & 10th, but depending on volume it may take us a little longer.

Pre-Orders to be Shipped

There is no special pre-order shipping process if you are not picking your books up at Midwest FurFest. Simply choose among the standard shipping options. Any order that contains the Waterways 10th Anniversary Edition hardcover will be considered a pre-order and will not be shipped until all products in the order are signed.

Again, we will attempt to ship all orders between December 6th & 10th.

Midwest FurFest At-Con Pick-Up

Pre-orders for pick-up at Midwest FurFest will be taken through Sunday, November 26th. Orders must be placed and paid for by this date. The pre-order and pick-up process will be the same as in previous years:

To Order

  • Add items to your cart.
  • When checking out, select the "At-Convention Pick-Up" shipping option (will be available once pre-orders begin and until the end of the day on the 26th of November).
  • If you choose the "Check or Money Order" payment option, your payment must reach us by Wednesday, November 29th. You may also send us funds via PayPal to for the full amount of the order.
  • Print out a copy of your receipt and bring it with you to Midwest FurFest.

To Pick Up

  • Come to our Tables # D22-D23 in the Dealer's Room during open hours, December 1 – 3.
  • Show us the copy of your order receipt.
  • Present a photo ID matching the name on the order.
  • We'll ask for your signature to confirm you've picked up your order, and then you'll get your loot!
  • If your plans change and you need someone to pick up your order for you, please contact us at with the name of the person authorized to pick up your order. (They must provide photo ID matching the name you give us.)

Again... Here is the catalog page.

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