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Still Available: Kyell Gold's Waterways 10th Anniversary Hardcover Edition signing & pre-orders!

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Sofawolf News

Aside from this website, LiveJournal and Twitter are the best ways to keep informed about what's happening at Sofawolf Press.

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Midwest Furfest & Seasonal Update

11/27/2017 7:58 am

Now that we all have survived Thanksgiving and the Black Friday craziness that tends to follow, it's time for an update on what's happening with Sofawolf Press! We are busy preparing for Midwest FurFest, and as such, we are no longer taking orders for at-con pickup as mentioned in our previous post. However, there is still time to pre-order the Waterways 10th Anniversary hardcover edition, as well as get it (and other books) signed by Kyell Gold! And, last but not least, we have enabled a discount code of WINTER17 which will get you an additional 20% off all orders now through December 23...

Kyell Gold's Waterways 10th Anniversary Edition Hardcover Signing & Pre-Orders

11/15/2017 9:36 pm

We are excited to announce the release of the long-anticipated Waterways 10th Anniversary Edition hardcover. This edition includes all the art and stories from the original softcover edition, newly revised by the author, PLUS two new short stories and illustrations by John Nunnemacher. It is available in hardcover ($39.95) only. So what do you need to know?...

The List of Erotica Clichés You Should Avoid in Your Heat Submission (revised)

8/8/2017 6:56 pm

Whenever Sofawolf Press opens up for submissions and I find myself snout deep in the stories, I can be counted on to be tweeting out #TalesFromTheSlushPile, little anonymized slices of the life of an editor. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes frustrating, sometimes praise, sometimes curses. Last year, as we were winding down with the Heat selection process, I wanted to tweet, "Writers, please stop doing ___ in your stories. #TalesFromTheSlushPile," but I realized that I had a lot of different things I wanted writers to stop doing...

Out With the New, In With the New: Heat

7/15/2017 5:30 pm

Heat Volume #14 Front Cover Summer is the time for Heat at Sofawolf Press! We generally prefer Minnesota's Fall, Winter and Spring seasons, but we'll endure Summer knowing that cooler weather is on its way. Sitting around in the air conditioning is also a good time to celebrate the release of our latest volume of our anthology by the same name, as well as to set things in motion for the start of the next...

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