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February 2018
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The Sofawolf Press Team

Meet The Sofawolf Press Team!

Team Humans

  1. Jeff Eddy
    Founder, President & Treasurer. Also editor, layouts, sales, marketing, and whatever else needs to be done.
    Day Job: support team lead for a California tech company, working remotely.
  2. Dale Trexel
    Vice President & Secretary. Also webmaster, editor, layouts, and backup on whatever else needs doing.
    Day Job: website manager at a large Midwestern university.
  3. Tim Susman
    Co-Founder & Board Member. Also writer, editor and west coast con sales associate.
    Day Job: splits time between writing and project management for the tech industry.
  4. Mark Brown
    Board Member. Also west coast con sales associate and sometime editor.
    Day Job: director of support for a California tech company.

Team Huskies

  1. Rio, 1996 – 2010
    The Original Sofawolf, she was our mascot for our first decade in business. Sadly, she passed away in July of 2010.
  2. Wizard, 2006 –
    He's the lead Sofawolf now, and has taken on the role of the more "mature" dog in the family.
  3. Gypsy, 2010 –
    This little girl is a spitfire of energy and mischievousness. Although she seems happy to let Wizard be the Sofawolf most of the time, she ultimately is the one in charge.
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