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February 2018
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Job Openings

Position: Social Media and Community Manager

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As Sofawolf’s Social Media and Community Manager, you will be the ambassador of Sofawolf Press across all social channels, responsible for driving the overall community strategy and building strong relations with all fans of our publications and merchandise. This role requires a passionate individual who is comfortable with the demands of frequent user interaction. Enthusiasm is a must! The Sofawolf Community Manager must be a great communicator, understand the social mores of the Furry community, and have a strongly developed sense of ethics. As the Sofawolf Community Manager you must possess the following traits:

  • Confidence — Be bold, have a thick skin, and be willing to try new tactics.
  • Passion — Know Sofawolf’s products and the Furry community inside out so as to effectively communicate our passion and values.
  • Integrity — Social makes brands transparent. The Sofawolf Community manager should be too, and should not hide from challenging issues or questions.
  • Focus — Know when, where and how best to engage. Identify influencers and make them friends.
  • Creativity — Be engaging, entertaining and unique.
  • Diplomacy — Be able to maintain a positive and constructive attitude.


  • Drive community strategy — The Community Manager is responsible for outlining the strategic direction on the use of social media and community channels.
  • Manage community communications — Work with product marketing to create and manage product communications through social and community channels, including Fur Affinity, Weasyl, Twitter, Facebook, Flayrah, YouTube, Google+, LiveJournal, GoodReads, SoFurry, deviantART, and more.
  • Build community relations — Responsible for responding to and moderating user feedback on social channels and managing the Sofawolf Press community forums.
  • Develop community-facing content — Writing blog posts, articles, newsletters, communications materials, running contests and competitions on community channels.
  • Report on community analytics — Use measurement tools to provide reporting on community metrics, focused on community growth, engagement and conversion to product purchasers.

Sofawolf Press is a growing and award winning company that has been part of the Furry Fandom for over 10 years. While this is a volunteer position we offer an exciting opportunity to part of a company that values both community and creativity. This position will provide you with real world experience running the Social and Community program of a successful publisher as well as the opportunity to work with artists and writers passionate about their craft, and to help them find success and recognition. Monetary awards and travel opportunities will be provided to the right candidate that executes upon, and exceeds, our expectations.

To apply for this position, please submit an electronic copy of your resume via email to jobs@sofawolf.com. This position is open until filled.

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