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Franko original Spanish cover

Original Spanish edition cover

Franko teaser preview 2 Franko teaser preview 3 Franko teaser preview 4 Franko teaser preview 6

Franko: Fables of the Last Earth

Product Page Available Now!
Hardcover | Softcover

Franko is a young lion trying to survive in the arid high deserts of Chile. His is the last Earth, the last of how many no one can say. For him, each day is a fascinating new experience in which he might encounter ghosts, demons, giants, merchants of mysteries, or simply other individuals trying to eke out a living in the harsh landscape in their own way.

Franko: Fables of the Last Earth is a graphic novel that collects six stories about Franko, his friend Shin, and the individuals they meet along their journeys through life. Each story is presented as a fable, building new mythologies that feel as ancient as time and teaching Franko and the readers life lessons along the way (albeit lessons about a strange world the reader is unlikely visit). The stories and comic illustrations were created in a collaboration between writer Ángel Bernier and artist Cristóbal Jofré.

The graphic novel was originally published in Chile in Spanish by Amapola Editores. Sofawolf Press is excited to be working with Cristóbal and Ángel to release an English translation. The book will be printed in full color to showcase the gorgeous palette of the world in which Franko and Shin live. It will be around 120 pages, including an illustrated appendix introducing some of the Chilean cultural references in the book that may be unfamiliar to our English readers. Its stories and illustrations are suitable for readers of all ages, and, according to the original liner notes, it is recommended for readers from 7 to 700.

Expected release date: Summer 2016

Follow Franko on Tumblr and Facebook to learn more and see additional art from the book!

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Forest Gods front cover Forest Gods preview 1 Forest Gods preview 2 Forest Gods preview 3 Forest Gods preview 4

Forest Gods

Available NOW:

Kwaee, god of the forest, has turned all his power toward the destruction of the human tribe that he accuses of serving the treacherous fire god Ogya. Seeking reasons for the ancient conflict, Clay and Doto embark on a dangerous journey far outside the forest in search of savanna god Sarmu.

Meanwhile, in the human village, the healer Cloud fights new and terrifying threats from the forest and tries to help her people survive, but at every turn, she must battle prince Laughing Dog, who seeks to turn their king down a path that could lead to the end of humanity.

Along both their journeys lie dangers they never expected and secrets that may have been better left buried.

This is the second book in Ryan Campbell's Fire Bearers trilogy, which started with God of Clay. Cover and interior art by Zhivago.

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Anubis Dark Desire Anthology cover mock-up

working cover

Anubis Dark Desire teaser preview 7

Anubis Dark Desire Anthology

Now available for purchase:
Hardcover | Softcover

In 2002 indie adult comics publisher Sin Factory (an imprint of Radio Comics) produced the first volume of an adult comic anthology featuring the Egyptian God Anubis. Called Anubis: Dark Desire and featuring the art of Heather Bruton, Dark Natasha, Sara Palmer, and Diana Harlan-Stein, it was wildly popular and the initial sales rush at its first convention was something Sofawolf noticed and dreamed of emulating one day. The series went on to encompass a total of four volumes, adding the talents of Terrie Smith and Michele Light to the original slate of artists, and concluded in 2008. Many of the early volumes have been out of print for many years, and have become nearly impossible to find.

Sofawolf Press is happy to announce an anthology collecting nearly the entire run of comics from the original volumes (19 comics, over 165 pages) along with much of the original single-page art and a gorgeous new cover by Dark Natasha and Blotch. The stories range from comic to dramatic in style, feature a variety of sexual orientations, and are fine examples of the indie adult comics genre of the period as drawn by many of the finest pioneer artists of the fandom.

While most of the original material (apart from the covers) was drawn and printed in black and white, a collection as historic as this felt like it deserves more. It deserves color! However, in order to achieve this we would not only need to pay the artists or colorists to do the work, we would need to invest in an offset printing run to make the cover price reasonable.

So, we're going to have a crowd funding campaign and let YOU, the devoted followers of Anubis, decide! If we hit our funding goal we'll print it in the original black and white, and it will be a great collection of the original material. But, if we hit our color stretch goal we will be able to print it in glorious offset color. Further stretch goals will enable printed casebound hardcovers and even additional stories and source material to be added to the final volume.

Of course there will be a variety of exclusive goodies as well, including a stunning cloisonne pin, a shot glass, sketches by the artists, and more.

Anubis: Dark Desire is intended for an adult audience only and contains explicit sexual material. It will not be for sale to persons under the age of 18.

Expected release date: September 2015

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